Friday, 10 October 2014

Hello peeps.. i'm so freaking bored right now.. waiting to call my bestfriend..i'm scrolling my twitter's timeline and i saw this thing..
i love how they smile when they are around each other.. my friend once said, 'are you sure they are what they show to you? what if they are just pretending?' it hurts to hear that thing but i made up my mind, infinite loves inspirit and their love towards each other is real.. nothing can prove that it is just a pretend.. i trust them.. they look so happy with each other and they also promise to stay as infinite until they end.. i know they will.. i know.. oh,yes, my other friend said this to me yesterday.. 'what will happen when hoya becomes more popular than now? what if he changes and leaves infinite?' and guess what i answered? 'no he'll not.. i trust sunggyu oppa.. i know they love him and i know he will be the best leader and he'll know what to do.. nothing can change infinite but who knows right? i don't know about the future but i do know that i'll love them no matter what happen and i trust infinite.'

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