Sunday, 25 January 2015

Okay.. I'm here again.. started my holiday like a week ago and now here I am, so bored scrolling the timeline on twitter.. wait, it shouldn't be bored.. our boys, Infinite H has comeback with the title track, Pretty.. go watch their MV if you haven't.. here's the link.. . They are so pretty, adorable, hot, handsome and loveable there so go watch it now..

Damn, why am I crying? Haha.. Love them so much.. and guess what, our Nam promoter did tweeted today.. Like usual, they support each other. Normally it's Sunggyu but I guess he is resting since he didn't look good at the airport yesterday.

Dongwoo also tweet.. omo this sweet baby.. I hope they are doing well this time.. ani, they are doing well.. i hope we are doing well Inspirit..

Oh and they did replied each other tweet.. (cc: @InfiniteUpdate)

And hey, remember when our appa, the CEO became a cleaner in their Special Girl's MV? He did came out again in this MV. This time as a BEGGAR..

Okay then, I'll stop now.. bye bye peeps.. Saranghanda.. <3