Sunday, 25 January 2015

Okay.. I'm here again.. started my holiday like a week ago and now here I am, so bored scrolling the timeline on twitter.. wait, it shouldn't be bored.. our boys, Infinite H has comeback with the title track, Pretty.. go watch their MV if you haven't.. here's the link.. . They are so pretty, adorable, hot, handsome and loveable there so go watch it now..

Damn, why am I crying? Haha.. Love them so much.. and guess what, our Nam promoter did tweeted today.. Like usual, they support each other. Normally it's Sunggyu but I guess he is resting since he didn't look good at the airport yesterday.

Dongwoo also tweet.. omo this sweet baby.. I hope they are doing well this time.. ani, they are doing well.. i hope we are doing well Inspirit..

Oh and they did replied each other tweet.. (cc: @InfiniteUpdate)

And hey, remember when our appa, the CEO became a cleaner in their Special Girl's MV? He did came out again in this MV. This time as a BEGGAR..

Okay then, I'll stop now.. bye bye peeps.. Saranghanda.. <3

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Have been busy with all the assignment and the lab reports.. i miss my ot7 so much.. currently we should be voting for them in MAMA but i barely have time to do so.. i hope other people can make it.. they really deserve the award. Oh yeah, the so-called woollim girls debuted already with the name 'Lovelyz.' I'm in the midst of choosing my bias since all 8 of them are so lovely.. They are just so like Infinite. All of them are bias wreckers. 

 Jisoo.. she's curectly having to handle some rumors.. I don't know her but since Jungyeop appa is defending her, i decided to support them.. Stay strong Jisoo.. we are here for you.. i hope u will get well soon and we are able to see OT8 on the stage..

 Myungeun.. Her stage name is Jin.. She has a solo song which is 'Gone'.. I don't know much about her but her voice is impressive.. love her solo song.. and she looks prettier when smiling doesn't she? ;)

Does this pose looks familiar? i guess it should.. haha..

 I love this girl.. should i pick her as my bias.. ryu sujeong.. I love her lips.. Okay i'm done..
 Omaigod.. why the maknae will always be the prettiest one? she looks so cute while laughing like that.. yein-ah.. keep smiling okay..

 my jiea unnie.. unnie, i miss you so much.. thanks for staying in woollim and thanks for debuting with the other 7 beuties.. :) you know i love you..
 This girl waited so long to debut.. please don't ruin her dream.. let her lead this group successfully.. baby soul unnie fighting!

 You look like a doll Kei-ah.. She is my possible bias.. So pretty i can't..

 Mijoo.. The one in the Last Romeo Mv.. everyone saying that she has been infected by our greasy nam virus.. haha.. maybe she got that during the mv thing..

Did i talk too much? Okay i'm not talking i'm typing.. Just want to kill my time before i'm going to sleep.. Nite everyone.. keep supporting Infinite and our Woollim family. Saranghae..

Friday, 10 October 2014

Hello peeps.. i'm so freaking bored right now.. waiting to call my bestfriend..i'm scrolling my twitter's timeline and i saw this thing..
i love how they smile when they are around each other.. my friend once said, 'are you sure they are what they show to you? what if they are just pretending?' it hurts to hear that thing but i made up my mind, infinite loves inspirit and their love towards each other is real.. nothing can prove that it is just a pretend.. i trust them.. they look so happy with each other and they also promise to stay as infinite until they end.. i know they will.. i know.. oh,yes, my other friend said this to me yesterday.. 'what will happen when hoya becomes more popular than now? what if he changes and leaves infinite?' and guess what i answered? 'no he'll not.. i trust sunggyu oppa.. i know they love him and i know he will be the best leader and he'll know what to do.. nothing can change infinite but who knows right? i don't know about the future but i do know that i'll love them no matter what happen and i trust infinite.'

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Infinite performed at Korea University of Media and Art's Festival which is also Sungjong's University. Seeing the previews makes me realized how I miss OT7 so damn much. Watching their dramas and Sungjong mc-ing is not enough. They are still Infinite. The most wonderful moment is when they perform on stage as Infinite. I almost tear up when seeing their previews. The HD also,, it hurts oppa.. I miss all of u so damn much..

he is the most awkward person i've known (?) but still,, nobody can deny that he is adorable

baby.. i wanna hug him.. let me hug him once.. haha.. as if..

i miss myungjong..

the sweetest otp in infinite i guess.. myunghyun...

yeoljong? the newest otp discovered in infinite.. haha..

greasy oppa, u know ur voice is so precious? it's an art.. keke.. heart.. <3

i'll always love ur choding side but being manly is ur dream isn't it? all my non kpoper's friends fall in love at u oppa.. :) they said u have the most matured face in Infinite.. do you think so too choding oppa?

i knew it sunggyu oppa.. they said u will only sing 3 songs but then u add on 1 song but still it didn't enough isn't it? u requested 1 more song.. that make it 5 oppa.. nothing's over? my fave.. sunggyu oppa.. geumapsupnida.. u are the most awesome leader and inspirit love u..

i miss that 'gum' smile of yours..

u look thin woohyunnie oppa.. don't u eat? please eat more and don't fall sick.. :(

i miss your laughter.. i miss your smile.. i miss your 'hajima..hajima..' you are so precious oppa.. take care of my other oppas okay? dongwoo oppa fighting.. <3

lastly,my myung myung.. haha.. u dork.. i miss u so damn much.. haven;t be able to watch your new drama, my lovely girl.. but still, i know u will be good in it 'siwoo'.. i know u work so hard to make people acknowledge your talent.. myungie-ah, i adore your voice, not your face.. i adore your dorkineess and your clumsiness and you 'cat' smile and your love and your everything.. keep working harder and so you know that i am always here for you.. <3 heart.. heart..

Thursday, 18 September 2014

I thought that it maybe inconvinient to read my fanfic her so i posted it at asian fanfic.. here's the link.. .. Hope you all will enjoy reading it.. :) Kamsahamnida.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Hey girls, and guys? haha.. i'm kinda figuring out what i could do to this blog.i'm not a person who write something for someone to read. and i actually not someone who speak out loud my opinion.. so i am wondering what kind of person am i? oh, i LOVE INFINITE.. haha.. maybe this blog will be bout them.. ok bye..

Monday, 19 May 2014

Last Romeo Showcase in Japan

The Last Romeo MV Jap. Ver. and the performance ver. are being uploaded on the youtube..
I've shared the links without being considerate to other inspirit.. jeongmal mianhae.. I've deleted the link.