Thursday, 25 September 2014

Infinite performed at Korea University of Media and Art's Festival which is also Sungjong's University. Seeing the previews makes me realized how I miss OT7 so damn much. Watching their dramas and Sungjong mc-ing is not enough. They are still Infinite. The most wonderful moment is when they perform on stage as Infinite. I almost tear up when seeing their previews. The HD also,, it hurts oppa.. I miss all of u so damn much..

he is the most awkward person i've known (?) but still,, nobody can deny that he is adorable

baby.. i wanna hug him.. let me hug him once.. haha.. as if..

i miss myungjong..

the sweetest otp in infinite i guess.. myunghyun...

yeoljong? the newest otp discovered in infinite.. haha..

greasy oppa, u know ur voice is so precious? it's an art.. keke.. heart.. <3

i'll always love ur choding side but being manly is ur dream isn't it? all my non kpoper's friends fall in love at u oppa.. :) they said u have the most matured face in Infinite.. do you think so too choding oppa?

i knew it sunggyu oppa.. they said u will only sing 3 songs but then u add on 1 song but still it didn't enough isn't it? u requested 1 more song.. that make it 5 oppa.. nothing's over? my fave.. sunggyu oppa.. geumapsupnida.. u are the most awesome leader and inspirit love u..

i miss that 'gum' smile of yours..

u look thin woohyunnie oppa.. don't u eat? please eat more and don't fall sick.. :(

i miss your laughter.. i miss your smile.. i miss your 'hajima..hajima..' you are so precious oppa.. take care of my other oppas okay? dongwoo oppa fighting.. <3

lastly,my myung myung.. haha.. u dork.. i miss u so damn much.. haven;t be able to watch your new drama, my lovely girl.. but still, i know u will be good in it 'siwoo'.. i know u work so hard to make people acknowledge your talent.. myungie-ah, i adore your voice, not your face.. i adore your dorkineess and your clumsiness and you 'cat' smile and your love and your everything.. keep working harder and so you know that i am always here for you.. <3 heart.. heart..

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