Sunday, 16 November 2014

Have been busy with all the assignment and the lab reports.. i miss my ot7 so much.. currently we should be voting for them in MAMA but i barely have time to do so.. i hope other people can make it.. they really deserve the award. Oh yeah, the so-called woollim girls debuted already with the name 'Lovelyz.' I'm in the midst of choosing my bias since all 8 of them are so lovely.. They are just so like Infinite. All of them are bias wreckers. 

 Jisoo.. she's curectly having to handle some rumors.. I don't know her but since Jungyeop appa is defending her, i decided to support them.. Stay strong Jisoo.. we are here for you.. i hope u will get well soon and we are able to see OT8 on the stage..

 Myungeun.. Her stage name is Jin.. She has a solo song which is 'Gone'.. I don't know much about her but her voice is impressive.. love her solo song.. and she looks prettier when smiling doesn't she? ;)

Does this pose looks familiar? i guess it should.. haha..

 I love this girl.. should i pick her as my bias.. ryu sujeong.. I love her lips.. Okay i'm done..
 Omaigod.. why the maknae will always be the prettiest one? she looks so cute while laughing like that.. yein-ah.. keep smiling okay..

 my jiea unnie.. unnie, i miss you so much.. thanks for staying in woollim and thanks for debuting with the other 7 beuties.. :) you know i love you..
 This girl waited so long to debut.. please don't ruin her dream.. let her lead this group successfully.. baby soul unnie fighting!

 You look like a doll Kei-ah.. She is my possible bias.. So pretty i can't..

 Mijoo.. The one in the Last Romeo Mv.. everyone saying that she has been infected by our greasy nam virus.. haha.. maybe she got that during the mv thing..

Did i talk too much? Okay i'm not talking i'm typing.. Just want to kill my time before i'm going to sleep.. Nite everyone.. keep supporting Infinite and our Woollim family. Saranghae..

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